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Trouble keeping an application running in the background

  • Hello, I am trying to make an app that runs even when it is not in the foreground. My host machine is Windows 64-bit and target is Android 9 mobile phone.

    What I am expecting:
    Application needs to run some algorithms that needs real-time operation without any performance limits. Also it should also let an another app be active.

    What happens:
    Application terminates after some other application stays active and/or receives user input. No errors thrown. No set time to make this happen. Not always happens. Seems I cannot escape Android optimization.

    What I tried:
    -Modified my AndroidManifest.xml as follows:
    <meta-data android:name="" android:value="true"/>

    I keep track of the application state and do not update any windows when it is not active

    -Disabled battery optimization for my app

    -Tried to increase background app limit(4 was the maximum default was "standard")

    Documentation states that background services have some limitations regarding system resources. Is there a way to make this work with current configuration or do I have to try to convert this to a service? I need to use hotspot, Bluetooth and mobile connections for this app.

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