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Installation of Qt OPC-UA OpenSource Plug-in

  • Dear Community

    I am new in using QT and tried to install the basysKom Qt OPC-UA Plug-In on a Virtual Machine according to the following instructions:

    The Framework of the VM is:
    – Ubuntu (64-bit)
    – Pre-Installed QT-Version: Qt 5.12.8

    After using the given source code for Linux within the Linux-Terminal, I got the following Output:

    A folder called “qtopcua” was added to the home directory.:


    After following the instructions of QT-Documentation for including the library within existing Projects, I am not able to include Qt OPC-UA Library within my project.

    Do you have the solution for this problem? Is there any detailed Manual, which describes, how to implement the Qt OPC-UA open-source plug-in within Qt?

    Your Help would be really appreciated :)

    Thank you in advance!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Mauda Your qmake was not found. Make sure the path is correct...

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