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Default image from QRC resource, but customized image from filesystem?

  • Or, put another way, how to check file existence in QML?
    It easy to bind the image source property to a either a qrc: or filesystem path; but how to make it use the qrc: if and only if the file in the filesystem is missing?

    This is to allow users to customize an image, whose source defaults to a qrc: path unless they upload an alternative file.

    I'm aware Googling suggests resorting to C++ for this, but I'm unable to find an example.

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    How can your users select the custom image ?

  • QFileInfo can check for the existence of a file. You could have it verify a path and add a command to qml via setContextObject. This would allow you to add utility commands to qml.

  • @SGaist
    In my specific case, users upload files externally trough ssh prior to application launch.
    I was wondering about an hypotetic File object:

    Image {
        File {
            id: file
            source:  "file:///bitmaps/custom.png"
        source:  file.exists ? file.source : "qrc:///bitmaps/default.png"

  • @fcarney
    First steps in C++-QML integration. So if I understand correctly:

    • Create a QObject with two properties, QString source and bool exists
    • In code (via signal/slot), when source changes, set exists accordingly via QFileInfo
    • Expose the object to QML via setContextObject

    I will give it a try, thank you!
    Cannot figure out why I was'nt able to find a ready-made code snippet, checking files seems a common need to me.
    I'm learning the declarative approach coming from an imperative background: am I doing something wrong or in a non-QML way?

  • I would create a slot function called:

    bool fileExists(QString path){}

    The setContextObject will place functions on the object in the QML namespace. So you will be able to call fileExists from QML.

  • hi,
    this seems to work also

     Image {
            source: "file:///c:/Users/user/Pictures/img.png"
            onStatusChanged : if(status == Image.Error) source = "qrc:///img.png"                   

  • @LeLev
    Wow, that is a really nice way to check that. Thanks!

  • @LeLev @fcarney
    Thank you! This solves my problem!

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