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How to permanantly change .pro settings

  • Where can I change the default .pro file settings so that a new project is initially set at C++17 or C++20? It defaults to C++11 and I never use that. So each new project requires me to make the change manually, which isn't a huge undertaking. But if I'm busy, I've sometimes forgot to do that and then go nuts trying to figure out why my code isn't working properly.


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    I haven't tried it yet, but you can find the project templates under (windows)


    and modify them, that should effect your default projects, that you create via the wizard

  • @J-Hilk - Worked like a charm. Thank you for the info.

  • Now that this question/thread is solved, I feel like saying: until I read this this I had no idea that my (recently-created) Qt project was compiling with C++ 11 rather than a later one....

    It would be a different thread if I were now to dare ask what I am missing out on. Because glancing through the changes I see a progression to yet more esoteric/complex constructs. But I have learned that if I move all the way up I should be able to write essentially all my code with auto and not have a clue what types anything are... :D And to think I finally managed to move off Python and back to C++, partly because I was fed up with Python's lack of source code explicit typing.

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