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geocode() form QGeoCodingManager class not returning anything after passing an address.

  • Hey guys! I feel like I almost have geocode() working but I pass an address to geocode() and it returns an empty list ( longitude gets set to -1 below). Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
    #include "mapactions.h"
    #include <QGeoPositionInfoSource>
    #include <QGeoServiceProvider>
    #include <QGeoCodeReply>
    #include <QGeoCodingManager>
    #include <QGeoAddress>
    #include <QGeoCoordinate>
    #include <QGeoLocation>
    #include <QGeoShape>

    void MapFunctions::getmyaddress()
    // QMap<QString,QVariant> params;
    // params[""] = "";
    QGeoServiceProvider* geoSrv = new QGeoServiceProvider( "osm");
    QGeoCodingManager *geoCoder = geoSrv->geocodingManager();
    QGeoAddress addr;
    addr.setCountry( "Canada" );
    QGeoCodeReply *geoCode = geoCoder->geocode(addr);
    if(geoCode->error()!= geoCode->NoError)
    latitude = 14;
    longitude =-1.0;
    longitude = (geoCode->locations()).first().coordinate().longitude();
    latitude = (geoCode->locations()).first().coordinate().latitude();

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    Please read the documentation - the call only starts the geocoding. You have to connect to the appropriate signals.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher Hey, thanks for the reply! I tried implementing the slot handleFinish() but the values I'm getting are wonky, however, the list is no longer empty! I feel like the issue could be due to me making QGeoCodeReply *geoCode public as I was unsure how to pass it to the slot. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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    Sorry but this code is neither correct in any way nor does it compile at all. Please learn basic c++ and take a look at the Qt signals/slots examples.

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher Ok, thankyou for your help. I have reviewed my code and reviewed the documentation. The slots and signals are now recognized but I am still not getting reasonable values. The issue is that neither slots are being called. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great.06de09d3-349b-42cf-8f48-2326feea308d-image.png

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    @CaptainJuice Are you sure handleError is not called? How did you check that?

    Also, please post your code as text, not screen-shots.

  • @jsulm Sorry about that, will make sure to change that next time. I know it never enters either one of handleError() or handleFinish() because in my QML i have,

    Component.onCompleted: {
    console.log("Coordinate:", MapFunctions.getlatitude());
    console.log("Coordinate:", MapFunctions.getlongitude());

    for the application window. If I set values in those handle() functions they do not get reflected in the console log. For example I set longitude= 14 in handleFinish() and I comment out the other code and this has no effect on the output. For handleError() the values do not get set to -1 so it doesn't get called.

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