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QSSL Socket CANNOT Resolve, what to do?

  • Hello QT Community,
    I do want to begin by saying I have done some research before attempting to reach out to the community.
    I did not have an issue with this in 18.04, but because of the Security Technical Implementation Guide, I had change over to 16.04 and has been nothing been headaches in a few areas.

    I know that QT is trying to find a certain version of openssl possibly.
    The problem is I currently am using the FIPS for Ubuntu Canonical that I cannot change.

    openssl is already the newest version (1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.fips.4.15.2).

    OS: 16.04
    Qt: 5.15.1
    ArcGIS SDK 100.7

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    Qt 5.15 use OpenSSL 1.1.

    If you are locked to 1.0, you will need to rebuild qtbase with it.

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