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Adjust QListWidget size to content

  • Hello,
    I've been trying to adjust the size of QListWidget to its contents (QListWidgetItems with text); solutions found in google either complicated (in my opinion) for such a trivial task or given little to no explanation or code snippets. I guess there's an easy and elegant solution but still have no clue.
    Thanks in advance.

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    One possible source of information is QListWidget::sizeHintForColumn. You can use that to resize your widget.

  • @SGaist,
    Got it.
    Here's the code snippet in case anyone's looking for an answer:

    ui->listWidget->setFixedSize(ui->listWidget->sizeHintForColumn(0) + ui->listWidget->frameWidth() * 2, ui->listWidget->sizeHintForRow(0) * ui->listWidget->count() + 2 * ui->listWidget->frameWidth());

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