Qt for Automation installation documentation is misleading

  • I was trying to install Qt OPC UA submodule included in the Qt for Automation module. The documentation page https://doc.qt.io/QtForAutomation/qtautomation-install.html says that the binaries are available only under the commercial license and the open source users can use sources to build the libraries they need. Then the installation process using Qt Online Installer is described.

    The problem is that the Qt for Automation sources are missing in the installer. There's a list of the Qt for Automation modules on qt.io site but there's no link to the sources. It took me almost a day with my Internet connection to try different install types only to find that no open source installer provides the sources I need.

    Finally I was able to find Qt OC UA sources at https://github.com/qt/qtopcua. So I'm writing this topic in hope to save other people some time on the same search. It would also be great if the links to the sources were included in the documentation to make these components even more usable.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    All Open Source Qt sources are available on https://code.qt.io

    The Qt installer provides the official Open Source set of packages pre-built. Stuff from commercial parts are usually not included.

    Note that Github is merely a mirror.

  • @SGaist , thanks a lot! Of course, official repo is preferable, it's just too hard to find from the related documentation pages. IMO, link to this repository should be added to the documentation page - there are several topics on this forum dedicated to the same problem, which means that the problem is actual for many people.

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