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Source and Build directories

  • Hello, I am a student who is new to Qt (and pretty inexperienced with coding in general). I am trying to make a simple plugin for a ROS system (rqt) and so began trying to follow Qt's Creating Your First Plugin tutorial:
    I am a bit stuck at "Set the Qt Creator sources and Qt Creator build fields to the source and build directory of the Qt Creator instance you want to use to test your plugin with, respectively. " Where can i find these two directories? Am I to create them myself? Are they somewhere in the directories I have created when installing Qt Create? I am running Qt on Linux if this helps. Thanks

  • Hello, welcome.
    Sorry I don't know what is ROS.
    But just want to say that the link is a tutorial about creating plugins FOR Qt Creator (So it needs the source code of Qt Creator).
    Are you sure it is what you want?

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    What ROS documentation are you following ?
    They describe how to integrate their Qt Creator plugin here.

    @Bonnie ROS is for Robot Operating System even if it's not an OS. It's a middleware that provides several services like message-passing, package management, hardware abstraction, etc. in the robot world.

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