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QT compile Mac App with Circle and Slash over App Icon

  • I have two apps - very similar and that differs only by the game being played. One compiles successfully. The other compiles with a Circle and Slash over the App Icon. Clicking on the App gets the "You can't open the application because it is not supported...." error.
    I have compared the two apps - including Info.plist, appIcon.icns, *.pro files and setup and find no significant different other than they are two different apps with two different names.
    I am using QT creator 4.13.2, using the 5.15.0 kit for both apps.
    The app where the compile fails( call it APPx), in previous versions of software, kit and creator worked fine, but doesn't now.
    The app that is successful (APPy) is using all the same versions of creator, kit and libraries.

    Any tips what I should look at that could be causing this?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you compare the content of the two bundles ?
    Are these two completely different projects ?
    Do you have that after building or after deploying ?

  • Yes, I compare the two bundles, and can find no difference between the two apps.
    Yes - there are two completely distinct applications and separate projects.
    This happens after building.

  • Also, with the app with the circle and slash and complains about the type of Mac, if I open the package contents and run the app executable under <appname>/Contents/MacOS, it runs fine. It only fails when I try to run the <appname> in the build folder.

    Even though visually, everything looked correct in the Info.plist, I trashed and redid it from scratch, and now it compiles find, showing the proper app icon and running as expected.

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