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Deploying shared libraries and set PATH without interfering with other applications

  • Hello,

    I have a project that provides a DLL, lets call it myDLL that can be used by some wrappers e.g. in python.
    To be able to load the myDLL from within the external wrappers I need to add the folder where the DLL is to the PATH environment variable. However myDLL also has some dependencies on third party DLLs that also will be deployed to the folder where the DLL is.
    The problem is that now, if some other application uses some other version of those DLLs and my version is inside the path that leads to Linking Errors at runtime for the other applications since they will load the wrong version.
    So how do you deal with such a setup? I guess I'm not the first one to be stuck at that problem.

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    This stack overflow thread might be of interest to avoid having to play with the PATH environment variable.

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