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How to judge class object is null ?

  • TileItem::TileItem(QGraphicsItem *parent) : QGraphicsPixmapItem(parent)
    TileItem::TileItem(QString &surl)
    void TileItem::setPixmapFormUrl(QString surl)
        QNetworkAccessManager *NAM = new QNetworkAccessManager;
        QNetworkRequest request;
        connect(NAM, &QNetworkAccessManager::finished, [=](QNetworkReply *reply){
            QPixmap pixmap;
                setPixmap(pixmap);//if it is deleted in parent, here will crash.

  • Not sure I understand the question...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @sonichy hi,

    I would say that your design has issues. Creating a QNAM for each tile when you want to a remote image is rather wasteful.

    You should rather have a dedicated class that manages the retrieval of the images and setting them on the appropriate tile. That way you can also cancel the retrieval on tile deletion.

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