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Connecting Firebird with Qt-5

  • Hi,
    It sounds very strange for me that nobody use Firebird with Qt I guess?
    I asked in many local forums but no answer?!

    I want to read Firebird Database with it's own DLL. I don't want to compile in Qt.

    I use now PostgreSQL and I copy some DLL and other things in to my deployed program folder and no problem.
    May I fallow same way in Firebird also? I can run on my win machine the program which use Firebird. This program installs Firebird client DLL's in to my computer.
    Now I want to use same Firebird DLL's in my own Qt5 written program. It should be no problem but when I search in forums they always talk about how to compiling Qt-Firebird .

    Ofcourse it will be perfect if I see some little code part how to connect and read Firebird?

    P.S.: I use msvc2017_64 and Qt5.14.2 on Win10.


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    Afaics you need to compile the IBase sql plugin.

  • Hi @Christian-Ehrlicher ,
    Really? Terrible. :(


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    Yes you have to, it's explained here.

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