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Developing application using Qt5 build from buildroot. QML Modules can't be found.

  • Hello,

    I'm using buildroot to create a Qt5 build for my AArch64 target. I am using Qt Creator to develop an application, which works fine on my host computer, but when I try to compile it for the target, the application compiles, but doesn't work.

    Specifically, I'm not able to play videos. When I navigate to the mediaPlayer that I've defined in my QML file, QT Creator shows an error "QML module not found (QtMultimedia)." and "QML module not found (QtQuick.Window)."

    First of all, its weird that the error is shown, but Qt Creator still allows me to compile the application. How can I catch these errors at compile time?

    Second, Why doesn't my media player work, and how can I get my application to find the correct QML modules? I've enabled Multimedia support and QtQuick support (1 and 2) in buildroot. My Qt Creator kit is pointed to the target's sysroot, and I can see the QtMultimedia library in the sysroot. So not sure what I'm doing wrong...


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