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Bold and Regular fonts not loading simultaneously

  • Hi,

    I am facing font issue for japanese language, fonts : NotoSansSC

    If I am using Regular and Bold styles of NotoSansSC fonts in a single sentence, it is only loading either Regular or Bold.

    Can anyone provide any resolution? or it's the problem with these fonts itself?

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    Which version of Qt ?
    On which OS ?
    You should provide a minimal compilable exemple that shows your issue.

  • Hi @SGaist ,

    OS: Windows 10
    Qt Version: Qt Creator 4.10.1 - Based on Qt 5.13.1 (MSVC 2017, 32 bit)
    Compiler: I am using mingw64

    Instead of compilable example I am sharing detailed problem statement which may help us leading towards resolution:

    Problem Statement:
    I am using NotoSansSC font [OTF format] for ja-JP [Japanese] language,
    As mention below
    Font file:

    • NotoSansJP-Regular.otf
    • NotoSansJP-Black.otf

    NOTE: Above both the font belongs to the same font family NotoSansJP.

    While running the application I observed the below console log of the,

    MainApplication.cpp(275) -- strCurrentLanguageja-JP
    MainApplication.cpp(309) -- Installed font ID: 4 [NotoSansJP-Regular.otf]
    MainApplication.cpp(309) -- Installed font ID: 5 [NotoSansJP-Black.otf]
    Install Families styles: ("Black")
    MainApplication.cpp(325) -- Updated Default Font :Noto Sans JP Black
    installed font family------------> ("Noto Sans JP Black")

    It won't show installed font style to ("Regular", "Black")
    for NotoSansJP
    But if I load NotoSansJP-Regular.otf then it only shows

    Install Families styles: ("Regular")
    and installed font family------------> ("Noto Sans JP Regular")

    The same observation observed in zh-CN [Chiness] and ko-KR [Korean] language
    font file also.


    Is there any way to explicitly tell Qt to treat the same font family and
    add it in style?
    Is this problem occurs due to .otf file?
    Can anyone please help me out with this problem?
    Let me know if any other information is required.

    Attachment 1 [NotoSansJP.PNG]: While I install the font in windows it treats as the same font family! NotoSansJP.PNG

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