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Upgrading QML application from Qt 5.12 to Qt 5.15 increases the size of app

  • I have a very small QML application (actual executable size is 400 KB). For deployment, I am using macdeployqt tool and gives me the final app.
    Upgrading QML application from Qt 5.12 to Qt 5.15 increases the size of the app.
    Here is the data:
    Frameworks 34.9 MB
    Plugins 12.5 MB
    Resources 66.2 MB

    Frameworks 30 MB
    Plugins 8.6 MB
    Resources 3.4 MB

    I found inside the Resources folder QtQuick (54.1 MB) is the main cause. Can someone please share the information how can I avoid this issue.
    I am using Qt prebuilt libraries.

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    @Anil8753 generally speaking the deployment tool is generous and grabs more than it probably needs to.

    you can go inside the folder and manually delete stuff , plugins you don't need, Qml templates no-one uses etc.

    That can free up lots of space.

    But, I'm not aware of an automated tool that would do it for you 🤷‍♂️

  • This is really interesting. I have a windows app I maintain that is currently around 50MB compressed when deployed to an installer. I have tried trimming it down by removing specific things. I am currently using 5.12. So knowing that it will balloon when going to 5.15 is useful information. I already get complaints that people cannot just email the app.

    You might be able to trim things down by playing with settings in the macdeployqt. Like if you are not using the virtual keyboard then set the option to exclude that. That option was not available in 5.12, but is in 5.15. There may be more options as well.

    Thank you for posting this.

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