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QDockWidget tabbification documentation

  • I went through QDockWidget documentation and also checked a lot other stuff, but I did not found anything regarding what happens, when QDockWidget gets tabbified into QTabBar. Neither I was empirically able to find out, how it works. The QDockWidget is added to the Main Window, where it can be addressed, but I don't get what is the mechanism, that actually adds it into a tab of a QTabBar widget.

    As a practical example, how do we find out which is the parent QTabBar tab for particular tabbed QDockWidget or vice versa? Did I miss anything in the documentation?

    I use PyQt, but I am obviously looking into standard Qt documentation.

    EDIT - to demonstrate it in a bit of detail:

    Those are children of QTabBar of the tabbified QDockWidgets:

    <PyQt5.QtWidgets.QAbstractButton object at 0x03BB6D18>
    <PyQt5.QtWidgets.QAbstractButton object at 0x03BB6D60>
    <PyQt5.QtWidgets.QToolButton object at 0x03BB6DA8>
    <PyQt5.QtWidgets.QToolButton object at 0x03BB6DF0>
    <PyQt5.QtCore.QPropertyAnimation object at 0x03BB6E38>

    This is parent of a QDockWidget:

     <__main__.Window object at 0x03BB6658>

    It all makes sense, but I wonder where's the link between the two objects, that are in the end displayed as Parent and Child.

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    If you want the details then you should take a look at QMainWindowLayout sources.

  • @SGaist Oh, I have nearly no C++ knowledge and the bits are some 20 years old... It's gonna be a challenge, but otherwise a good point and I'll try my best :-). Thank you.

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