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How win7 configure Bluetooth

  • How to configure "-native-win32-bluetooth" in windows7

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Based on the documentation you should pass that option to the configure script of the Qt version you are building.

    Still based on the documentation, Qt 5.14 is the minimum version required.

  • Can you elaborate on the configuration method again? I was wrong to add parameters to the build step

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    What exactly did you do ?

  • My goal is to support Bluetooth communication on win7 and higher, but only above the Qt5.14version, and need to be configured "- native-win32-bluetooth", I want to know how to configure it so that Bluetooth can be used on the win7

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    @zzll said in How win7 configure Bluetooth:


    I don't know how to configure it for whole Qt from scratch (I did not tried that). This even do not need to re-build whole Qt.

    It is enough just to:

    1. Download the qtconnectivity sources for your branch (version).
    2. Open this sources (*.pro file) from the QtCreator using an appropriate kit (or mingw ot msvc).
    3. Just re-build the qtconnectivity sources. If you use the Win7 as a host, then the native win32 bluetooh should be compiled by default.
    4. If all will be successfull, then just to add the 'make install' step in the qtconnectivity build settings in QtCreator.
    5. Click build again, in this case the QtCreator will install the qtconnectivity libraries to your Qt instance (it should replace all qtconnectivity stuff installed before).
    6. Enjoy. :)

    PS: At least it did work before, even on a Windows 10 host.

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