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Gettting error @ Run Time..

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am developing a UI application using Qt. when i am trying to build my code, it is building properly but when i am trying to run it then i am getting an error widow which is flashing as

    “ The inferior stopped becuase it received a signal from operating system

    signal name- SIGSEGV
    signal meaning – segmentation fault

    Please help me out..

  • Hi gauravverma,

    segmentation fault means you have an issue in your code.

    Are you using Qt Creator? If so, build and run using the debugger tool, then it will show which line is causing this error.

    If you don't use Qt Creator, you can use either gdb or valgrind to find the error.

    Finally, if you find where the error happens and need help to solve it, post here again ;)

    UPDATE: Now I noticed you posted it in the "mobile and embedded" forum... in which system are you trying to run your app?

  • Segmentation error means your code or program was trying to access the memory but it was not allowed to do so.

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