Testing developed BLE App for Linux

  • Hi there,

    I developed a Qt Desktop App which allows to connect to a Bluetooth Low Energy device and transfer Data and visualize the data woth QCustomPlot. For Windows 10, this works fine. Now I want to test my App on a Linux system, but I do not have device with Linux on it. Is there a solution like a virtuell maschine with linux, where I can deploy my App and test it? This virtual maschine need to support Bluetooth Low Energy. Or is the only solution to install Linux on my Laptop?

    Another question: With the app you can choose a directory and a file, then this file is created in the directory and the data is writting there. For opening the Dialog I have the follwing:

    directory = QFileDialog::getExistingDirectory(this, tr("Save transfered data"),
                                                                        | QFileDialog::DontResolveSymlinks);

    Does this also work with Linux, because I am not familiar with the file system of Linux, I have never worked with Linux before. Thank you!

  • Your call to QFileDialog works fine on linux (why shouldn't it?) and yields something like '/home/jenkins' as a result.

    To your more tricky problem: On your Windows system, how is the BLE hardware connected to your system? The HAL is quite different on linux and Windows so the portability of your code depends strongly on how deep your dig.

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    Hi @TUStudi,

    This virtual maschine need to support Bluetooth Low Energy.

    If you have an USB bluetooth dongle/adapter, than you can most likely inject this dongle into the virtual machine and use it there. Note that even bluetooth adapters built into your laptop may be an USB devices and could work that way.

    So I'd say it depends on a test.