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How to receive file over QHttpEngine::Server

  • Hi,
    I am developing a module, in which i have to recieve the file over HTTP from client.

    I used Swagger and openAPI generator to create classes and cmake file. Below is the section where i have to handle the file. This module is a server and it has to recieve/download the file from client

    How to read/download the file ?

    PS: Using postman to upload the file (as form-data).

    void OAIPkgupdaterApiRequest::pkgupdaterUpdatePostRequest(){
        qDebug() << "/v1/pkgupdater/update";
        connect(this, &OAIPkgupdaterApiRequest::pkgupdaterUpdatePost,, &OAIPkgupdaterApiHandler::pkgupdaterUpdatePost);
        OAIHttpFileElement uploadfile;
        QString imagename;
        QString key;
        QString overwrite;
        emit pkgupdaterUpdatePost(uploadfile, imagename, key, overwrite);

    Below snippet from Main function

        // Obtain the values
        QHostAddress address = QHostAddress(parser.value(addressOption));
        quint16 port = static_cast<quint16>(parser.value(portOption).toInt());
        QSharedPointer<OpenAPI::OAIApiRequestHandler> handler(new OpenAPI::OAIApiRequestHandler());
        auto router = QSharedPointer<OpenAPI::OAIApiRouter>::create();
        QObject::connect(, &OpenAPI::OAIApiRequestHandler::requestReceived, [&](QHttpEngine::Socket *socket) {
        QHttpEngine::Server server(;
        qDebug() << "Serving on " << address.toString() << ":" << port;
        // Attempt to listen on the specified port
        if (!server.listen(address, port)) {
            qCritical("Unable to listen on the specified port.");
            return 1;

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you receive all the data in one go ?
    If so, I would say use QFile to write the content of the file to disk.

  • @SGaist Thanks for your reply.

    If i pass JSON objects in the postman Body i could see the attributes with the below set of codes. I am aware how to read the file or download the file in the server end. I belive QFile is to handle the local file, i am looking for the file handling over http

    QJsonDocument doc 
    QJsonObject obj = doc.object();

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    Well, server side, you will have to save your file at some point. That's when QFile comes handy.

    Just in case, you might want to check the Cutelyst project.

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