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Is it possible with QT Installer framework?

  • I have three questions.

    • Is it possible to adjust the title position?
      I want to change location of text "Setup - Change Installer UI Example".
      The text is above the image, but I want the text to be below the image.
    • Is it possible to change only color of title(and subtitle)?
      I can change the text color with the stylesheet, but the overall text color will change.
    • Can the installation screen size be fixed?
      I don't want to resize it.
      If resize installation screen, I can see empty part because images(banner and watermark) are not expanded.

  • Moderators

    Hi @narae

    the Qt InstallerFramework is not a very widely used Framework in the community.

    From what you show so far, you're most likely one of the most knowledgeable person on this forum about it.

    I doubt you will find any normal user that can help in your partial situation.

    The only thing that comes to my mind, if you'r not a commercial license owner, is posting on the mailing list

    There are more developer active than on this forum, and one may be able to help you more

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