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How to display and change two values from a single item in QListView

  • Hey,
    I am creating a QStyledItemDelegate and need two display two values (QString and QDateTime) in a single item and need two change both in a database after editing the text displayed. Is there any way two achieve this?
    Thank you

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    You can overwrite the setModelData to do that.

  • Thanks for your response!
    I think I expressed myself very vaguely. What I want to achieve exactly is that I want to use a QSqlQueryModel to fill a QListView with items. Each item should get a value from two columns, which should both be changed after editing in the model. I know that I can use setModelData to overwrite values from the model with those from the editor widget.

  • @myShrimp
    Then kind of: what is your exact question, what answer are you looking for? There won't (I imagine) be an example of this out there, as it;s a rather unusual thing to do.

    I think your QSqlQueryModel should map one-to-one with the actual columns in the database, for simplicity. What you then do with that as you map to/from the view/styled delegate is up to you. It sounds like your requirement may be a bit messy, but presumably it can be done.

    I don't know, but it might help break it down if you interposed a QAbstractProxyModel between the SQL model and the view. Starting from a QIdentityProxyModel. You could then do your "conglomeration"/"split" of the dual columns there. Since data items can be any QVariant, I'm thinking a struct/QPair for the string-date pair. So it gets presented as one column item to/from the view, but separate columns to/from the database. If it's only a QListView and not a full QTableView maybe I'm over-engineering and you can do it directly, but it's a thought.

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