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Problem with videos in QMediaPlayer

  • Hello,

    I create double player in QT.

    The first situation with one player: everything is ok. I set QGridLayout as centralWidget's layout. Next I add to this grid QVideoWidget and I set in QMediaPlayer this videoWidget like:


    When the movie is finished I can resize mainWindow ( here I have this QGridLayout ). Everything is ok.

    Now the second situation: with two players. I do the same things: set Grid, add two other QVideoWidgets and set two, other QMediaPlayers. I set other movies, but with the same lengths. When they are finished I resize mainWindow and get something like that:



    So the last frames in QVideoWidget don't resize in a proper way.

    When I use only one player, the last frame resize in a proper way.

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    You should add the Qt version as well as platform you are using.

  • @SGaist
    OS: Windows 10
    Qt version: 5.12


    I see that there is the same problem with one cam too. So there is problem with each numer of cams when they are finished.

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