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Help with GUI

  • Hello all, i want to ask you if someone of you guys can give me example of layout or GUI like this. Scroll area and labels with texts like this. I just cant figure out how to make something like this with PyQt5. Back in this topic i got some tips but documentation didn't help me to reach this goal - https://forum.qt.io/topic/117882/move-label-in-qvboxlayout
    On internet i can not find example code and i am not able to figure it out.


  • @Samuel-Bachorik
    As @SGaist wrote you there:

    In that case you should rather use a QListView and a custom QStyledItemDelegate.

    So how far did you get at least with just using a QListView? I will not post any further here, in case anyone wants to write the whole code for you.

  • @JonB Hello and thanks a lot for reply. I am not asking for full code. I already made good looking and working applications thanks to PyQt but this one i cant get to work. So i am just asking if someone knows about some source where i can find more information about it. Thank you.

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