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Installed Android SDK in Kubuntu, no sdkmanager

  • This may be something simple seeing as I'm new to Qt and have never done any Android programming, but I've made a calculator program that's working pretty well and I'd like to start porting it to my phone.

    I read the getting started guide and got most of it, but I'm stuck. I installed openjdk-11, android-sdk, which installed the platform tools and build tools as dependencies, plus ndk-install and platform-9-installer, the version of Android on my phone. (Both installers seemed to start up on their own).

    Then it says to upgrade and install various stuff using three possible methods. I tried sdkmanager but that doesn't seem to be anywhere on my computer. Likewise it says I can use Android Studio, but I can't find that on my computer. Shouldn't that have been installed with the SDK package? Does it have a weird command?

    The last option is the Qt Creator SDK Manager UI, but it warns that I don't have "Platform SDK installed" even though everything else is a check, including "Android SKD Path Exists" and "SDK tools installed". Under the SDK Manager tab, it says, "SDK manager is not available with the current version of SDK tools. Use Native SDK manager." It has a button to pull up the native manager but that button seems to do nothing.

    I've been messing around with it but keep ending up at dead ends. It may be something simple, but I'd appreciate a little help.

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