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Help me! Why my app do not read inbox message?

  • If I run app on QT Simulator, it return "This is a test message"
    But when I run on my phone (E72), it return empty string.
    here is my code:
    @QString smslib::readSMS()
    QString retVal("Msg content:"");
    // Match all messages whose status field includes the Incoming flag
    QMessageFilter filter(QMessageFilter::byStandardFolder(QMessage::InboxFolder));
    //QMessageFilter filter(QMessageFilter::byStatus(QMessage::Incoming));
    // Order the matching results by their reception timestamp, in descending order
    QMessageSortOrder sortOrder(QMessageSortOrder::byReceptionTimeStamp(Qt::DescendingOrder));
    // Acquire a handle to the message manager
    QMessageManager manager;

    // Find the matching message IDs, limiting our results to a managable number
    const int max = 100;
    const QMessageIdList matchingIds(manager.queryMessages(filter, sortOrder, max));
    // Retrieve each message    
    foreach (const QMessageId &id, matchingIds) {
        QMessage message(manager.message(id));
    return retVal.append("\"");//

    Thanks you!

  • Check for capabilities.You need readDeviceData capability to read messages.


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