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BT on Windows Desktop

  • Hi, I would like to develop an utility for Desktop that work via bluetooth.
    In particular I would need to communicate via SPP service (characteristic 00002902-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb).
    I tried some example on Windows, but seem that the bluetooth is not correctly recognized.
    My question is.... the bluetooth managment in Qt, working on Desktop too?
    Can you suggest me an working example or clarly guide?


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    It works on Windows 10 (and it has to be reasonably up-to-date).

  • @sierdzio Thanks for help.
    I've seen that it works only with msvc compiler.
    Now I trying to understand how to configure this kit.

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    You need MSVC (Visual Studio) installed.

  • If I wanted to develop for android, is this class mature enough?
    Exist an updated guide to configure QtCreator for Android?
    I tried various guide, but all old.


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    Yes Qt and Bluetooth (also BLE) work on Android. Various phones have their quirks, but most of the time it works.

    Guide: there were recently some changes in Qt Creator so I'm not sure what't the best/ suggested approach.

    But in general, do this:

    • use Qt 5.15 (or 5.14 as a minimum)
    • install newest Android Studio
    • in Android SDK settings, download newest Android NDK
    • open Qt creator and point it to where your Android SDK and NDK are located
    • also point it to your Java installation
    • it should work :-)

  • Hi, now I'm in this situation:
    What am I missing to be able to compile for android?

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    That looks weird. It says that config is OK, but does not provide SDK version nor NDK version. Make sure your SDK location and NDK location are correct.

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