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Unable to send and receive images between 2 Raspberry connected to Zigbee via UART.

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    @mrjj uh, I should read the opening post more clearly,

    You're right, that is most likely the issue, ZigBee is a low data transfer protocol and from what my quick google search told me, limited to about 100 - 200 bytes, which fits exactly here

    for a quick and dirty test, we could split the test byte array and send it delayed, that should work

    void serial::on_pushButton_2_clicked()
            static QByteArray ba;
               int index(0);
               ba.fill('A', 1000);
                   QTimer *t = new QTimer();
                   auto sendSection = [=,&index]()->void{
                       serialPort->write( + index * 100, 100);
                       index ++;
                       if(index == 10)
                   QObject::connect(t, &QTimer::timeout, sendSection);
            //       quint64 send = serialPort->write(ba);
                   qDebug()<< ba.size()<<"size_send:";

  • @mrjj @J-Hilk Sorry for my late reply. The problem is when I try to send from PC with Realterm (Pc is also connected to Zigbee), on Pi4 I still get pictures.

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