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Qt is absolutely amazing

  • Hello everyone,,
    A long time ago i used to use MFC on windows. It wasn't that great to work with. I am now just starting out with Qt on linux and i have never come across a framework that is so simple and intuitive.

    Also Qt Creator is fantastic.

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    Hi and welcome on the forums
    Yes Qt and QtCreator are awesome.

    It also comes with super friendly forum so feel free to ask if you get stuck.
    Good Questions (Qt version, platform, code, expected result) often get you all the help you need.

  • @Jinesh Hear hear. MFC was a low-level pile of torture. I loathed working with MFC. Qt makes MFC look like the Stone Age. Microsoft has come a long way with GUI development tools (WinForms, WPF, the defunct SilverLight), but it's too late. What programmer in his right mind would choose a development platform that does not compile on both Windows and macOS?

  • @Jinesh said in Qt is absolutely amazing:


    While swear words like this are not banned, they are frowned upon if used excessively. ;-) (joke)
    Yeah, for me the Windows dev ecosystem is a lot of nope for me as well. Qt is definitely a breath of fresh air. I really like that I can use mingw and msvc as needed.

    Welcome to the forum!

  • @Jinesh beautiful is yes. simple NO.
    Also, Visual studio is way better than Qt Creator. But I'm a big fan of Qt.

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