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Screenshot Flickable which has bigger content than Screensize

  • Hey guys,
    i want to take a screenshot of a flickable, but not all content is visible due to content being bigger than the screensize/itemsize.

    is working so far that is catches all inside the itemsize. That means not visible content will not be included in the screenshot.

    Is there a way to take a "screenshot" even of the not visible content of the flickable?

    Thanks in advance

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    You call grabToImage() on your Flickable object? Try doing it on flickable.contentItem instead. If it does not work, then you probably have to programmatically flick the content, grab several images and then stitch them together.

  • Yea, i did try to call it on the flickable object.
    Tryed it on the contentItem now, but
    <unknown File>: QML QuickItem: grabToImange: item has no QML engine
    Im on Qt 5.10 btw

    I´ll guess i try to take the stitch approch...