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QGraphicsItem::ItemIgnoresParentOpacity seems to not work on symbian

  • Hi,

    Situation is like this: on QGraphicsScene I have two objects: A is parent, B is child stacked on top of the bigger parent. Object A has a flag QGraphicsItem::ItemDoesntPropagateOpacityToChildren and B has QGraphicsItem::ItemIgnoresParentOpacity.
    There are 2 animations (property: opacity) grupped in QSequentialAnimation, first one is animating parent (A) opacity from 0 to 0.5, then second one is animating child opacity from 0 to 1.
    Problem is: As soon as the sequentional animation stops, child object is taking back parents opacity (which is 0.5) It only happens on my Nokia N8, on the simulator it works as expected, animation stops and parent has opacity 0.5 and children opacity:1
    When I set long duration time of this animations I can see that child is indeed animated to opacity 1, but immediately after animation stops child item refers back to parent opacity.

    Simulator works under Linux, and Nokia N8 has Symbian Anna (or I think so)
    I'm using Qt 4.7.3
    What can cause the problem?

    best regards

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