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Release: Docking Windows Framework

  • We have decided to make our Docking Windows library for Qt Widgets available as open source, giving back something to the open source community.

    The library has been used in a commercial product for 6+ years and implements docking windows in the style of Visual Studio.

    It supports tabbed containers and pinned containers with flyouts which help the user maximise the space available for their main task.

    It's currently devoid of any detailed documentation, but I intend to document the code and provide doxygen format comments throughout.

    It's currently released until GPLv3, but we are open to making it available under LGPL or a more permissive license at a later point, this is our first foray into releasing our own code under open source so it's a matter of baby steps here at the moment.

    It's currently only used/tested under Windows, but I myself am a Mac user and will have developed it under Mac OS as well at some point, the qmake pro file seems to verify this (the last time I touched this code was 5+ years ago!).

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Thanks for sharing your work !

    But your announcement is missing a link to it :-)

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