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Dark Mode - Madness

  • Hi everybody,

    I started reading documentation about the dark mode on Qt and I'm little bit confused. The documentation says:
    "For example, when dark-mode was introduced in macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS would only treat applications built against the 10.14 SDK as supporting dark-mode, and would leave applications built against earlier SDKs with the default light mode look. "

    I have Qt app built by 5.13 and 5.15 Qt versions. The 5.13 appears in Light mode while 5.15 version appears in Dark mode when the MACOS appearance in settings is set to Dark Mode.

    Both app are using the same SDK (10.15) since I created them on my machine using XCode 11.5.

    So, Why the 5.13 version of my app is enforced to use Light mode if is it clearly built against newer SDK than 10.14 from which the Dark Mode should work as the documentation says.


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    It might be a bug in that version of Qt. Did you check the bug report system ?

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