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Tutorials on what to download?

  • Hi

    I would like to develop SW for a Rasperry Pi with a 7" touch screen with a nice GUI.

    I want to do the development of the SW on a windows 7 pc, and then just copy the ready made application to the RPI so it can run on the RPI. I prefer coding in C.

    I would like to learn and use Qt for this.

    Where can I find tutorials on what I need to download and install on my PC to get the Qt environment up and running? I downloaded the Qt installer for windows, but that contains tons of things and I have no clue what I should download in my case.


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    @ThomasX said in Tutorials on what to download?:

    I prefer coding in C

    If you want to use Qt you will need to use C++.

    It is way easier to do cross compilation on Linux than on Windows.
    Start here:

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    @ThomasX Setting up cross compilation is no easy task, especially for beginners, I would even suggest, depending on the generation of the Pi, to use QtCreator and the QtLibs that come with the package manager of Raspberry Pi OS and compile on the pi.

    As long as you do not compile Qt itself on the pi but only use it, you should be fine

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