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Qml/QtQuick with Geode LX800

  • Hi all.
    My name's Mauro and I'm working on an old geode lx 800.
    I'd like to use QML QtQuick with platform, but I get the fatal message

    'The program requires X86 processor that supports SSE2 extensions at least a Pentium 4 or newer'

    Can I workaround this requirement?

    Geode LX 800 processor has this features from /proc/cpuinfo

    processor : 0
    vendor_id : AuthenticAMD
    cpu family : 5
    model : 10
    model name : Geode(TM) Integrated Processor by AMD PCS
    stepping : 2
    cpu MHz : 498.061
    cache size : 128 KB
    fdiv_bug : no
    f00f_bug : no
    coma_bug : no
    fpu : yes
    fpu_exception : yes
    cpuid level : 1
    wp : yes
    flags : fpu de pse tsc msr cx8 sep pge cmov clflush mmx mmxext 3dnowext 3dnow cpuid 3dnowprefetch vmmcall
    bugs : sysret_ss_attrs spectre_v1 spectre_v2 spec_store_bypass
    bogomips : 996.12
    clflush size : 32
    cache_alignment : 32
    address sizes : 32 bits physical, 32 bits virtual
    power management:

  • Where is this error coming from? Qt Creator, the compiler, support tools, from a compile program?

  • Hi.
    The problem appears run time.
    The check for SSE2 on intel platform is made in

    qtdeclarative/src/qml/qml/v8/qv8engine.cpp at line 145

    QV8Engine::QV8Engine(QV4::ExecutionEngine *v4)
    : m_engine(nullptr)
    , m_v4Engine(v4)
    #if QT_CONFIG(qml_xml_http_request)
    , m_xmlHttpRequestData(nullptr)
    #ifndef Q_OS_WASM // wasm does not have working simd QTBUG-63924
    #ifdef Q_PROCESSOR_X86_32
    if (!qCpuHasFeature(SSE2)) {
    qFatal("This program requires an X86 processor that supports SSE2 extension, at least a Pentium 4 or newer");


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    What version of Qt are you trying to build ?

    What exact modules do you need ?

  • I'm using QT 5.13.2 in yocto Zeus.
    I need to build a simple UI.
    I can make this UI with QtWidgets, but I'd like to use QML/QtQuick, if it is possible.

    Now I comment-out the line and my application starts.

    But I don't know how application run in the future

  • @maurofaresoftware-it
    If that is in v8, then you yes you need a newer cpu. That processor is not supporting the SSE2 instruction.

    v8 is the javascript engine in qml btw.

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