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How to Display the Camera Image from the third party SDK.

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    I have purchased the camera from 3rd party they given the SDk for that camera. Now I want to show the camera image on my display. They given some sample codes to get the image data. Now I want to get that data and show it in the QT Application. Below is the code sample given by them. Can you please help me how to do this with some sample code because I am new to QT I am struggling for more than a week for this one please help.

    GetDisplayImage(id, display , num_elements)

    id-- is a device structure(Camera information)
    display-- is the pointer to a uint32_t(uint32_t*) frame buffer. Returns a frame of ARGB8888 display values with auto gain control enabled
    num_elements ---Number of elements in the display buffer

    Here I need to get the data from the display and display it using the QT Application.

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    As a first step, use this QImage constructor to create a QImage object that you will set on a QLabel.

    Once you have that, then you'll be able to go further.

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