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Extra lib in Android with Qt 5.15.0

  • Hi, I added an extra lib with Qt 5.14.2 using ANDROID_EXTRA_LIBS and that works fine.
    Now I'm trying to port porting the project on Qt 5.15.0. The library is not copied on the device. I think that the problem is because the library is copied in the wrong directory instead of armeabi-v7a folder

    How can fix that?

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    Instead of ANDROID_EXTRA_LIBS, use the android/libs. Copy the .so manually, make sure to keep the proper subdirectory names for architectures. It's the easiest this way - androiddeployqt just copies the whole dir into the APK.

    You can still use ANDROID_EXTRA_LIBS, but you need to define it separately per architecture in your .pro file - it's a mess.

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