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Problems with debugging (Windows + Android)

  • Alright, me and my team are fairly new to QT but we've spent decades in software development. I must say I have never previously experienced such buggy and horrific development experience. Might be due to our set-up. The number of bugs we've stumbled upon would require me to create 10 threads over here, so I withhold with these for now.

    What I would like to get sorted out is our inability to get the app deployed. That happens randomly like there's 70% chance that the deployment process and debugger attachment would fail.
    So in short, when I choose to deploy the app to phone,it's 50/50 whether the deployment succeeds and debugger 'settles' (after long waiting even if nothing changed within QML/C++ files).

    When the process fails we get:

    alt text
    alt text
    any idea how to cope what that?

    Also quite often we get

    thus, the overall work experience is really bad.

    moment ago I got

    Initializing deployment to Android device/simulator Error while building/deploying project PROJECT(kit: KIT_ID) When executing step "Deploy to Android device"
    Thus it's very frustrating.. it's 90% time wasted looking on whether deployment succeeds. I would blame it on invalid settings but then half of the time it succeeds.

    QT Creator 14.12.2
    NDK 21.1.63

    Another random error came to existence just if previous ones were not enough:

    Failed to remove directory "C:PATH\assets\android_rcc_bundle\qml".
    Error while building/deploying project ID (kit:KIT_ID)
    When executing step "Copy application data"

    After 2 weeks, working with this software is real developer's nightmare. QT Creator simply decides from time to time to create folders under a wrong owner. (yeah why not!). Running as Administrator helps to mitigate this but that's now what we want.

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