Is open source ok for my use case?

  • I am a graduate student building a application for a state agency. I will only use QT to build a single GUI set for a single application. I retain no rights for this software after delivery. This software will then likely be distributed in the same way as the HEC-software suite. I however will again have no say in this. I am therefore unsure if i fall under the open source definition.

    It may also be of use to note that the remaining software was written by me or retrieved from complementary sources. The GUI is truly the only aspect this software will be used for. I am also working through a college institution as well, NOT directly for the state agency.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    WARNING I am not a lawyer.

    As long as you abide by the license constraints, you should be good.

    Correct answer: check with a lawyer.

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