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Qt open source license donations

  • I have written an open source application (GPLv3 license) which uses Qt. The project does not make money or receive donations from users, but nonetheless, I would send an occasional donation to the Qt company if there was an easy way to do so, such as a simple paypal button to push. I searched around a little and didn't find one yet. I only found the commercial license and purchase, which isn't applicable to my use.

    In my opinion, Qt's C++ API is the best designed widget toolkit currently available, so I am motivated to see it succeed. Is there a way to send one-off donations such as, for example, KDE and OSM accept through their donation pages?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I am not aware of such a possibility (note that I am not working for the Qt Company).

    I would recommend to contact the Qt Company directly. Maybe @AndyS has better information.

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