Changing the position of QGraphicsView content

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    I have the following situation: there are some QGraphicsItems in my QGraphicsScene. When I add them to the scene, they look nice and centered. Afterwards, I have a zoom system which scales up my elements individually, instead of QGraphicsView::scale() (which I do not want to use because it doesn't work for what I need). Thing is, when I zoom in, it works, but when I zoom out, it's not centering in the center of the items, but at the top left corner of the items. Here is what I mean:

    What i want

    I would like it to stay in the center. I am also already using centerOn(), but it only works when I use QGraphicsView::scale() instead of my own system. How can I make it work? Here is the code that gets executed after my zoom:

    // ...
    // scaling the elements here
    // ...
    QPointF delta = target_viewport_pos - mouse_event->pos();
    if (qAbs(delta.x()) > 5 || qAbs(delta.y()) > 5) {
        target_viewport_pos = mouse_event->pos();
        target_scene_pos = _view->mapToScene(mouse_event->pos());
    QPointF delta_viewport_pos = target_viewport_pos - QPointF(_view->viewport()->width() / 2.0,
                                                               _view->viewport()->height() / 2.0);
    QPointF viewport_center = _view->mapFromScene(target_scene_pos) - delta_viewport_pos;

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