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Out-of-line definition of --constructor-- does not match any declaration in --class--

  • I have this header file (graphics_view_zoom.h):

    #include <QObject>
    #include <view.h>
    class Graphics_view_zoom : public QObject {
      Graphics_view_zoom(View* view);
      // stuff
      View* _view;
      // other stuff

    And this cpp file (graphics_view_zoom.cpp):

    #include "Graphics_view_zoom.h"
    #include <view.h>
    Graphics_view_zoom::Graphics_view_zoom(View* view) // error: out-of-line definition of 'Graphics_view_zoom' does not match any declaration in 'Graphics_view_zoom'
      : QObject(view), _view(view)
       // more stuff

    Why does this happen? It works fine when I use QGraphicsView* instead of View* (my custom class View inherits from QGraphicsView). Any help is appreciated!

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    In your declaration you pass an instance and in the implementation you pass a pointer.

  • @Forfunckle

    Is your custom View class a QObject? Otherwise your call of the QObject() c'tor with view as argument won't work.

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