QMenu misplaced in dual screen system after upgrade to Qt 5.15

  • Hey guys!

    Today, after upgrade my Qt installation from 5.14.2 to 5.15.0, I was surprised by a strange behavior of any QMenu instance that I have assigned to QToolButtons.

    I have a dual screen system where Screen 1 is a 2K monitor and Screen 2 is a FullHD monitor. Until Qt 5.14 the QMenu was working without problems (being displayed aside or below the respective "parent" object) but today I noticed that when I click any of the QToolButton or QAction that has a QMenu programatically assigned (see the highlighted items) the associated menu always appears on the Screen 2 at the bottom-right corner no matter the position of the sender button/action or the main window itself on Screen 1. If I move the main window to Screen 2 the menu works properly.

    In the sample image the menu being displayed in Screen 2 is associated to the action "Sample models" on Screen 1.
    Is there something I doing wrong? Qt 5.15 has changed QMenu behavior?

    Any guidance is pretty much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Can you provide a minimal compilable example ?
    Did you already check the bug report system ?

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  • @SGaist Yes, I here's a minimal example: https://gofile.io/d/qskj8g

    It also acts like the menus of my project... very strange.
    I'll look in the bug tracker system. Thanks!

    EDIT: found some reports on bug tracker... it seems to affect 5.15 on Linux and Windows (QTBUG-84545 , QTBUG-84462 )


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