QT and OpenNN

  • Hello, i'm new to qt and c++.

    I've sucessfully installed QT and downloaded the OpenNN Package. Where i have to put those additional Files? A simple doubleclick will open the Example-Projects but there ist an abort due to "no rule to make target"

    Ist there a quick solution for a beginner in this IDE?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You need to provide more information.

    What exactly did you install ?
    Which version ?
    On what OS ?
    What example did you open ?
    How did you open it ?

  • My OS is Debian Buster


     sudo apt-get install qtcreator.

    i installed the IDE

    After that, i downloaded the the openNN package from GitHub and stored it somewhere in my home directory.

    Then i opened the the demo-file iris_plant.pro

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    Did you also install Qt's development packages ?

  • @Turkey197 checking the repository from GitHub that you linked, it clearly says:

    The .pro files are project files for the Qt Creator IDE, which can be downloaded from its site. Note that OpenNN does not make use of the Qt library.

    So it seems that the OpenNN package is not using Qt framework at all, just providing Qt .pro files in order to use Qt Creator IDE, but being just an IDE you could use any other C++ IDE or even build the examples from command line (given that you have a compiler and any other required library installed in your development machine)

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