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QtPDF not availabel on mac?

  • Good afternoon,
    I took it with great joy that Qt 5.15 introduced QtPdf module as a part of it, since I always had do compile it myself, sign, etc.

    But after the install when I open the project having my usual

    QT += pdf

    all I get is

    Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: pdf

    My whole module list for this project is:

    QT       += core gui network printsupport sql xml serialport
    greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4): QT += widgets
    macx: {
    QT +=  pdf 

    I reinstalled the Qt even, framework files are present in the folder. I'd rather not try to overwrite them with manually compiled ones since it should work...
    What do I missed?

    Kind Regards
    Artur Wawrowski

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    @artwaw correct me if I'm wrong here, but from what I understand you have to buy the modul for the annual fee of 50$

    It's not automatically part of the framework download, but it's listed under gpl3 so you should still be able to compile it yourself.

    PS: Personally I think its a horrible idea to introduce paywall!

  • @J-Hilk I am stunned, really.
    But - the extension in question is QML oriented (at least that's what I see in requirements). I use widgets.
    It's bad enough that I can't compile it myself under Windows (I use mingw), if they really expect me to pay for mac usage... Well, I'd rather keep compiling it myself.

  • @J-Hilk I checked that QtCharts are now also a pricey addon - but sample project revealed that the module can be freely used under Open Source licence I have, both macOS and Windows. I don't get it. At all.

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    @artwaw yep, not a fan either, the only thing it will lead to is a reduced user base -> less people who buy the license -> increased prices -> and the vicious cycle is in full motion.

    Those are not the only 2 modules, I know for a fact that the QML TreeView component will be pay only as well (for Qt5 at least) a view that is missing for 4 years now, I think, the quick controls 2 one at least

  • @J-Hilk I wholeheartedly agree with the direction it leads to as you described it.

    But I still don't know why the QtPDF doesn't work for me - is it because of the "add on" (but then again Charts work!) or because I missed something.
    For now I will just test if I can continue with manual compile process... Or try to use poppler or something (again, manual compile, feels like I am running linux in '90s). It's inconvenient, for not to use stronger phrase.

  • @artwaw said in QtPDF not availabel on mac?:

    I checked that QtCharts are now also a pricey addon

    As far as I remember QtCharts has always been an add-on (or GPL). You really have to be careful with licenses. For commercial software you can use the LGPL-part of Qt. If you are using GPL-modules all your software needs to be under the GPL (meaning everyone who gets your software has also a right to get your source code). So, as long as your software is not GPL you cannot use either QtCharts or QtPDF. (Unless you pay for the commercial license.)

  • @SimonSchroeder Thank you, I am aware of that.
    My point is - assuming I am GPL user, which I am indeed - why is QtPDF not visible on Mac while QtCharts is?

  • So according to all the sources I could find QtPDF is commercial OR GPL. So it should work yet my installation can't find it. I am puzzled now.

  • I haven't found that module in Windows, either.
    Maybe it is not released in the installer since it is still in technology preview?

  • After a quick search I've found that indeed it might still be in Tech Preview. Most notably I have found that for now it seems to be part of QtWebEngine. As far as I remember QtWebEngine needs to be installed separately when using the online installer.

    I have also found build instruction for QtPDF:
    Maybe this helps if it is not yet included in any installers.

  • @SimonSchroeder QtPDF is included in stable 5.15.0 as a part of the QtWebEngine. I have that installed and as I wrote the .framework files are present on the disk. That's the whole reason for this post, files are there, Qt doesn't seem to "see" them.

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