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Qmake CONFIG+=Debug didn't wokr for some sub directions

  • I created template=subdir pro(, and in it , there are some other sub pro that I'd like to compile sequencely. Like
    TEMPLATE = subdirs

    CONFIG +=ordered
    The Lib*.Pro is like following
    QT -= gui

    TEMPLATE = lib
    DEFINES += LIB_LIBRARY debug_and_release

    CONFIG += c++11

    CONFIG(debug, debug|release) {
    DESTDIR = $${PWD}/../build/usr/lib/Debug
    } else {
    DESTDIR = $${PWD}/../build/usr/lib/Release

    when I was using command line to compile the,
    1.qmake CONFIG+=Debug

    but there is Lib3 that always been compiled to Release, anyone knows why can't all libs compiled to debug?

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