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Is there a web engine widget qt for mingw?

  • Hi, After some studying i understood that Qt WebEngine
    is work with compiler visual studio 2015,2017 i want to know is there a webengine library for mingw in qt? in std cpp is there a open source as same widget for mingw and gcc?

    thanks in advance

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    No there's no build of QtWebEngine for MinGW as that modules depends on the chromium project which defines which compiler is supported.

  • @SGaist
    Purely OOI --- because you know this sort of thing intrigues me! --- MSVC/MinGW are both C++ compilers to reasonable common standards, just how much/what sort of thing would not compile under MinGW??

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    Yet they are different and will have different level of support for C++ features, different bugs, different implementations, will produce executable code that works but might be different as well.

    This means that your code base must also be compatible with both. AFAIK, one of the rule followed by chromium is to fully support the "official" compiler for the platform it runs on.

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