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Right-Click to go to location in Qt creator.

  • How do I turn off the feature in Qt creator that allows me to go to a location by right-clicking something?

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    @RobM Do you mean "Find usages" in text editor? Why do you want to switch it off?

  • @jsulm No I think it must be some kind of setting. I think what's actually happening here is that whenever I right click something like ListView the first option is: "Follow Symbol Under Cursor" and for some reason if I right-click and hold then let go while that link I highlighted it will follow it. Which must be a setting I accidental turned on but I can't seem to find it to turn it off. It's only happening here on my Desktop. My laptop doesn't do this.

    Apparently this is a "feature" in Ubuntu? Not sure how to turn this off but I will mark this thread as being solved since it's not actually a QT issue.

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