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[Symbian^3] Virtual Keyboard in Qt applications

  • Hello,
    I have Nokia C7 with Symbian Anna and latest Qt 4.7.403 with Qt Quick Components for Symbian 1.1 and I have following problem with virtual keyboard.
    Sometimes, when I want to write text to inputs in Qt based apps (Ovi Store, Imo,...), the cursor stays on the first position even when I am writing at the end of text. Other apps (not Qt based) works just fine.
    I cannot move cursor with tapping to position, it shows at position I want, and when I release finger, it jumps to the start again.
    That won't be that big issue, but the first letter is automatically written with upper case. So I must change to lower case after every letter I wrote (and it is 2 clicks).
    It is very annoying, do you experience it too, or am I the only one?
    I hope I wrote it in proper forum as this is Qt related.

    Thank you very much for help!

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